Please consider reading our dental treatment philosophy for adults first, as this text is only a supplement.
Statistically, full and partial removable dentures are more likely to be considered by the elderly. It is very important that the comfort of wearing dentures does not affect the general physiognomy, and that the facial expression remains optimized and unchanged.
Most of the time, a large reduction of the alveolar ridge is already present, which makes it almost impossible to stabilize a denture. In that case, an implant supported denture is the best solution. It will enable you to speak, chew, smile, without anybody noticing your dentures.
If multiple implants are feasible, a fixed denture (an implant supported bridge) may be incorporated. This would revitalize the previously well-known sensation of chewing with your own teeth. Furthermore, implant-supported dentures greatly improve your appearance and phonetics.
Provided that an adequate amount of teeth are still available, one or more bridges may be directly attached to your natural teeth, and implants may not be required.

A straightforward restoration of your teeth is not enough for us. Our goal is to create a functional harmony, excellent chewing comfort, and beautiful aesthetics. We pay particular attention to organic compatibility of our materials!