The consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco, may stain and darken the color of your teeth. A thorough professional dental hygiene can usually remove a colored layer. However, a case of darker colored teeth requires a bleaching session to reclaim that clean white coloration.

Which bleaching method do you recommend?

A whitening treatment can be done at home or professionally in our dental office (in-office bleaching). We recommend the latter, since the treatment is done with carefully selected products and by professionals in an controlled environment. This is safer and more convenient for the patient.

Is bleaching dangerous for my teeth?

Our newest application method includes compounds which are not dangerous to the enamel of the teeth. Unfortunately, acid-based bleaching products are still available on the market and can, even when applied correctly, damage the enamel.
Tooth whitening/bleaching should be only performed in a healthy oral cavity (no gum disease, leaky fillings, cavities, etc.). This means that, oral and dental conditions need to be addressed before bleaching. More information about this topic available in our dental office.

How long will the whitening effect persist?

The duration of the whitening effect is dependent on the consumption of dye-rich foods and beverages, and can last up to several years. After two or three years (sometimes even sooner), bleached teeth may shift to a darker color, but can be easily re-brightened by a new treatment.

Will my fillings or crowns be lighter in color by bleaching?

No, plastic and porcelain are not affected by the bleaching process. As with natural teeth, plastic will slowly turn darker with the intake of coffee, tea, etc., but will lighten in color with bleaching.
Teeth whitening prior to aesthetic anterior restorations (veneers, crowns and fillings) enables the matching of the brightness between natural and new teeth. This way an perfectly bright smile is almost guaranteed.

Why should I bleach my teeth?

Beside the clean and trendy look, beautiful bright white teeth can: boost your self-esteem, boost your confidence, help make good first impressions, provide for a healthier and younger appearance.
To further improve your smile, misalignments and large differences in color can be compensated for by the application of veneers and crowns.