The fitting of dental implants has no age limit. Nevertheless, the available space after tooth extraction will, with increase in age and time, gradually diminish. In order to stop bone-loss effectively, implants need to be placed shortly after the extraction.


Loads on individual crowns, instead of bridges exerting force on healthy teeth.

A missing individual tooth, which is replaced by a bridge, necessitates the involvement of the adjacent teeth in the construction process. If the adjoining teeth are perfectly healthy and not affected by decay, implants will only require the support of the area restricted to the gap, leaving the neighboring tooth structures uninvolved.

One missing tooth can be replaced by an implant and an implant supported crown.

Fixed bridges versus detachable partial dentures.

In the past, regions of missing teeth, or their unfavorable setting, required a partial denture in order to restore the full function of the dentition. Nowadays, implants offer an alternative. Places of missing teeth are set up with artificial roots, which enable the support of crowns or fixed bridges.

3 missing teeth can be replaced by 2 implants and an implant supported bridge.

4 teeth missing can be replaced by 3-4 implants and implant-supported crowns or one implant supported bridge

Well-seated dentures prevent bruising.

In case of numerous missing teeth, conventional practice would dictate the use of a partial or full denture. Furthermore, if the remaining teeth were awkwardly positioned, or your jaw bone was reduced down very heavily, a partial or full denture would not possess the necessary stability.
Implants, on the other hand, require anchors, which in-turn provide the proper stability and comfort needed when laughing, talking, or eating. In addition, an implant-supported denture will enable you to eat foods you would otherwise be prohibited from consuming with a regular denture. And if enough implants were placed, the denture would be made palate-free, making the implant-supported denture feel even more natural.