Our philosophy is based on our determination to provide excellent, considerate, and pain-free treatment, while using the latest medical knowledge and technology. Consistent positive feedback and the trust invested by our patients inspires and encourages us to stay committed to our approach.
  • The causes of dental and gum disease are well known to modern dentistry. We not only know how to cure diseases, but more importantly, know how to prevent them. This is why the prevention of dental problems (and other issues in the oral cavity) are at the center of our attention.

  • Performing a modern and sophisticated type of dentistry, we continually produce aesthetic and functional results reaching the highest possible standards. This includes everything from detailed diagnostic findings, to individualized post-operative care. Thorough individual counsel, as well as the consideration of our patients' wishes and needs, are a standard in our practice. Excellent medical care is our top priority.

  • Our dental office is equipped with the latest technology. Our intraoral camera produces high resolution images of the teeth and regions requiring treatment. This is complemented by a digital low-radiation x-ray.

  • We promise to cautiously work on the structures of your teeth. Whether crowns, bridges, or fillings, are applied, we are committed to always go out of our way to prevent unnecessary pain and irritation.

  • We not only treat individual teeth, but also consider the dentition, its surrounding structures (jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinus), and your body as a whole (TCM meridian model) in our diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Regular training and continued education of our staff are prerequisites for our daily operation. This allows us to provide the the latest methods of treatment and the highest quality of care. These include implant and periodontal therapies, gum sculptures, prophylaxis, and numerous other treatments.