As mentioned in our treatment philosophy we aim to practice a preventive rather than reparative oriented dentistry. We offer a wide range of preventive measures which assist in keeping your teeth and periodontium healthy for a long period of time. However, a thorough oral hygiene and periodic checkups are a essential.

Professionelle Prophylaxe

What prevention measures are available?

Prophylactically, 3 points are of great importance for the health of your gums:

  • regular and thorough oral hygiene
  • semi-annual visit to the dentist (for early detection of periodontal disease)
  • semi-annual professional dental cleaning by our competent oral hygienists. Note: scaling is not a preventative measure against tooth decay or gum disease!

What is oral hygiene?

Professional oral hygiene is the expert form of cleaning, which directly assists in keeping your teeth (caries prevention) and gums healthy. Es wird von unsere speziell geschulten Prophylaxeassistentinnen durchgeführt.
It is carried out by our highly skilled and qualified prophylaxis staff. All remaining soft and hard deposits (which accumulate despite of daily brushing and use of oral hygiene aids) are removed from the surfaces and gaps of the teeth. The discoloration is cleared and the natural color is restored. Tooth surfaces are polished to be genuinely smooth, making the attachment of plaque bacteria more difficult.
Fluoridation of teeth can also be used as a preventative measure against tooth decay.
You will be briefed about instruments (and their use) necessary for proper domestic oral hygiene.

Why is scaling not enough?

Scaling removes only hard coatings above the gum line. Plaque and tartar below the gum line are not removed and the surfaces are not polished or smoothed. This means that the most important preventative steps are not performed!

How often does a prophylactic cleaning need to be done?

The recommendation for patients who have good oral hygiene and are not prone to caries and gum disease is to have a checkup every 6 months.

For patients who have a disposition for oral disorders (or who have dental implants) we recommended checkups every 3 months.