In order to preserve the health of your body as a whole, missing teeth need replacement as soon as possible. Poorly chewed food will injure the digestive system over time. The extraction of teeth not worthy of preserving create gaps (a partially edentulous arch). A bridge is used to fill a gap; a denture is used when several or all teeth are missing. The use of a crown is necessary, when a tooth's form and function can not be fully restored by fillings.

Treatment - A thorough clinical and radiographic examination, which includes adjacent teeth, gums, and surrounding bone, is very important in increasing the durability of a denture. Sometimes pretreatment measures (such as root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, or a surgical intervention) are essential to provide a firm and healthy foundation for a new denture.

Together, we will prepare a customized treatment plan; you will be informed about all treatment alternatives.

We can promise to create a highly aesthetic, perfectly functioning, and biologically well-tolerated, denture, as only the latest technologies and the best materials are utilized.

Your new teeth will be matched esthetically and functionally to fit your natural image. All sets are crafted to the highest standards and precision by our professional dental technician. His advice is also taken into consideration when choosing the color and shape of a denture. This will ensure that your "new" set of teeth will perfectly fit to your image.

Before the teeth are made ready for crowns or bridges, amalgam fillings are removed and replaced by synthetic or glass ionomer cements.

The different kinds of dentures available can be seen here.